Anonymous asked:

Hey. What's up with Justin posting a picture of Selena ? I though he talked shit about her .. If you have any idea what is up please tell me . Love your blog btw 😘😘

selenagomez-fashionstyle answered:

He’s just posting a picture, nothing special. :)

He never talked shit about her, no. 

And I don’t know if they are together, I don’t think so, but anyway they are good friends. - Mada

He posted a picture from Selena and wrote ” Most elgant prinsses in the world. ” in it..

A lot of beliebers are hating Selena now because Justin gives Selena a little of attention or someting, idk..

I’m so mad at all those haters! What the hell did Selena wrong? JUSTIN posted that, not selena.

But yeah, that’s life.. so thats what happend today.. :) @